Mathematical Games

| September 29, 2013

Leaving of the principle that the children think different of the adults and that our objective are not to teach to play, we must follow the way as the children play, being observing intent, intervening with the rank of interesting questions to assist to construct them to it rules and to think in way that […]

Ambient Psychology

| September 16, 2013

the individual that Ambient Psychology considers, according to Bassani, Silveira and Ferraz (2003, p.1694), is ' ' the human being concrete, with a history of life, a cultural context, endowed with cognition and affection, with social identity and individual' ' , agreeing to Bronfenbrenner (1996), that the person characterizes as complex biopsicolgico organism, in operating, […]

Cras Mire Risk

| September 9, 2013

The risks of accidents and the eminent riscosergonmicos of incorrect position, physical work also exist weighed. In what serefere to estorelacionados the risks directly related to the work environment the inadequate training, drawn out day, nocturnal work, repetitive, precarious work, emotional conflicts and tensions, discomfort, monotony, siege, extreme responsibility that include aspectosrelacionados to the organization […]

The Brackets

| September 3, 2013

So that the project will not ruin, you must develop a systematic, rapid method to carry it out. The glue can alter the size of the wood, increasing the possibilities of building a low quality product. Materials needed for gluing are: a bottle of glue with its applicator, water cleaner, a sponge, glue applicators (brush […]