The Grandfather

| October 21, 2013

Was one of those Jewish mothers proud of their family, their faith, their environment. It never received a no. Her hair covered it as was the custom. He had that mixture of modern and classical experience. Modern era in treatment, vocabulary and listening. She bent over backwards for me, not bothered what others think about […]

What You Should Know About Strollers

| October 14, 2013

Today there is a huge range of baby strollers – all sorts of species, with different prices, released moments of production and the external appearance. Let's talk about the individual merits of simplified Pleasure Strollers novovyshednie based on the model. Strollers-stick model of X-LANDER X Go attracted to the fact that the compact meet and […]

Kitchen Furniture

| October 6, 2013

Minimalism – the laconic style of the interior. He rejects all the extra, non-functional, that serves only for decoration, and leaves only what is needed. Minimalism appears at the beginning of the twentieth century, marked by rapid growth of industry and new technologies. Changing the pace of life unhurried, contemplative nineteenth century gives way to […]