Style Furniture

| December 21, 2015

Classic – it never loses its importance and popularity of the style, timeless fashion trend outside and apart from the competition. This style of modern aristocratic conservatives, who have already taken place in his life, with its clear view and not subordinated to the influence of others. Proponents of classical music know the price of […]

Office Relocation

| December 20, 2015

You've ever move? Most likely, yes. And as memories? I'm not about a new place, but about the relocation process. In my memory at least 8 crossings. 3 apartment and 5 office moves. The first was an apartment on their own. Day three were collected and pokovali things and lived out of suitcases, but moving […]

Erase Varnish

| December 15, 2015

They are instantly dry and they are much more difficult to exactly cover the surface. For applying varnish to the surface, you can use a brush, swab, roller. Varnish before using better slightly warmed. The number of layers depends on how much gloss you want. Applied layer of paint should be thin, otherwise it does […]