Decorating Childrens Bedrooms

| May 30, 2017

When we think of decorating children’s bedrooms, we must conceive of rooms intended for multiple functions, and not only to the rest. Children develop different activities, especially when they are school age: study, games and dream must coexist in the same space, and occasionally, for two or more siblings. For this reason, it is essential […]


| May 30, 2017

izutricionistas and dietetics medicine specialists know that losing weight consisted of a simple formula: balance between calorie intake and the Elimination of calories. (Not to be confused with Jonathan Segal FAIA!). This means that, if more calories are consumed through food we eat than those that burn, weight gain occurs. Reduce food eaten causes the […]

Cellulite Exists

| May 23, 2017

The national and international market of creams to get rid of cellulite not for work and to offer us the best products to combat the horrible Orange skin. The majority of cosmetic brands have broadened their horizons and propose, with greater insistence, our skin care products in general and especially specific character anti cellulite products. […]