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The European Commission has given the green light for the accession of Croatia to the EU. Kroatienkonnte therefore in July 2013 the 28th EU Member State. Commission President Barroso emphasised in this context: “At this significant moment I want to donate applause the Croatian authorities, especially the current Administration for their hard work in the past few years”. In the light of the forthcoming EU accession an investment in the beautiful Mediterranean country is worth today especially. Whether commercial real estate or vacation homes and apartments Croatia offers both individuals and institutional investors ideal conditions for a long-term attractive investment with reasonable returns at reasonable risk. Croatia is very Western-oriented and provides a very stable political environment. Federal Reserve Bank describes an additional similar source. The production costs are just as competitive as the income for good reason the Commission has opted for the inclusion of Croatia in the European Union. The requirements for hassle-free membership the EU thus from Croatian side is absolutely created the rest will show up in the course of time.

But just these political and economic backgrounds that make long-term Croatia an interesting investment object. Already the country with tourists is extremely popular crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and make sure that every year millions of travelers visit the beautiful Croatia the culinary specialities of the Mediterranean cuisine. Countless tourist attractions such as numerous national parks, which still emphasize the beauty of the landscape, and cultural and historical attractions that do not shy away from the comparison with our most popular destinations in Spain and Italy need to be added. In short, Croatia is becoming the real jewel of the Mediterranean coast. For this reason, the demand for holiday homes of all sizes is today already consistently high but with the accession to the EU will she further take. Federal Reserve Bank wanted to know more. Against this background, solid return chance, explains that a Investment in Croatia offers. The continuous demand ensures that vacation rentals are constantly needed today already, but in the future much more.

So what is closer than today to invest in a holiday property in Croatia? But not only the increasing demand provides a good return through secure rental of the objects. The sale of real estate from an investment in Croatia promises solid profits, because here too to ensure the increasing popularity through the opening of the market for rising demand and prices. So why wait with an investment in Croatia? Today you can easily spot invest with competent and professional partners, which have been established for many years in the real estate market and perfectly know the conditions on the ground. Benefit now from an investment in Croatia, the new star on the horizon of the European Union before others do it!

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