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Since some time ago the iPhone OS practically never had rival of weight. Before the launch of Android to the market for smartphones. After the departure of the operating system open source Google Mobile in May 2009, Android 1.5 Cupcake (previous versions were focused essentially on developers), has been taking more and more strength, popularity and what not, true power within the market for smart phones. Then let’s see what strengths has Android over the ubiquitous iPhone OS. By now only 5 points but certainly there may be several more.

1.Sistema operating multi-tasking: since version 1.0, Android has been able to run many applications is desired. On the other hand we have the iPhone OS which in its current version has a rather primitive multitasking because it only allows running applications natively in the background, such as Mail, iPod and Phone. With the advent of iPhone OS 4 just the Apple device may make real multitaking. 2 Android has better apps marketplace: Although This point is debatable, it is certain that the policy of opening Android Market opaque has the policy of Apple censure that application considered inadequate, has some resemblance with any existing or that compete with some own. On the other hand, and although the Android market recently has 50,000 applications (as opposed to the App Store 180,000), current growth is exponential.

3 Android lets you choose the hardware: I believe that this point is almost self-explanatory. While iPhone users can choose color and capacity of mobile, the Green marcianito system users have the freedom to choose from among dozens of different models, from the Nexus One, passing through a Motorola Droid or any of the many HTC. 4 Android lets you quickly change configurations: while the mobile ancient had very few features, smartphones of today have to give and give. To name a few are WiFi, 3 G, GPS, Bluetooth, / mode airplane mode, phone, etc. No need of each and every one of These services all the time and due to the heavy use of some battery, it will always be necessary to switch between power. While iPhone users must navigate through all the options everytime you want to turn off Bluetooth or WiFi, Android has widgets to the home screen which allows you to perform these functions on a touch only, and for functions that do not have own widgets, it is possible to create some settings shortcuts in particular desktop. 5 Android maintains information visible on your home screen: HTC-Hero-Home-Screen_fullSi there is something with which Android shines above other operating systems is the possibility of accommodating the home screen to the taste of the user using the always useful widgets, keeping so many options available to the touch of a finger. There are widgets for virtually all applications in Android Market. IPhone users, on the other hand, are looking forced to navigate through the menu for the desired application. Android user should configure the most important accesses on your page of home and you can forget about navigate useless through hundreds of applications. No doubt that iPhone OS has its advantages too, but why not highlighting the good qualities of its closest competitor that has managed to get noticed in this competitive market.

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