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More recently, our compatriots have invested money in a home exclusively in Spain, Bulgaria or Turkey. But progress has not stopped and now the Russian speech is heard in Asia. Indonesian real estate market is not as simple as many would like. Local law prohibits foreign ownership of real estate, but real estate offices offer several ways to solve this problem. However, the settlement of property rights, it is only the first and perhaps the easiest obstacle on the way to the house of your dreams. Buy a villa or a ready to build a house yourself? An important advantage of the acquisition of already constructed houses is that you can carefully inspect the house, consider all the pros and cons, to assess the quality of construction and to understand exactly what a product you get for your money.

Another plus finished house is what sold the villa, not only with the interior decoration, but as Typically, fully furnished. That is, immediately purchase you may enter a residence or rent a villa for rent. In the presence of the free time available and the alternative: you can buy a piece of land to choose and buy online project of the house with all documentation, hire construction and start self-build their own house from scratch. In the load you will get all the worries and troubles associated with the construction. At Bali, it can indeed be a frightening experience, especially if you do not often are present on the spot and do not speak any Balinese or Indonesian (Bahasa) language.

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