Chest Of Drawers For Baby: A Few Tips On Choosing And Caring

Choosing furniture for children even before birth a long-awaited baby, many moms and dads make the same mistakes that are subsequently affected, and the comfort of the room, and on the number of free meters, and even health of the baby. How can I avoid this? How to choose and then use the commode, so it was really useful thing, and not clutter up the nursery furniture? Firstly, choosing cabinets for any room, you should understand for which they serve. Will the chest used as a decorative interior details, or if you still want it to store something? Of course, in St. Petersburg, antique or vintage chest of drawers just for a small price – not uncommon, and such furniture decorates any home. But if you want to furnish a nursery, vintage antiques and to the rest it is better to say "no", as in the old furniture can hobnob and insects, and viruses that are dangerous for the baby. In St. Petersburg stores, by the way, you can meet quite new, but decorated with antique chests of drawers. If you're partial to the Renaissance and Baroque, you'd better buy this furniture, but remember: the smaller the child in acute angles and details that could injure the child, the less chance that your kid get hurt.

Better than to bother about this in advance, immediately discarding the idea of chests with sharp corners, dangerous to handle children, and, most importantly, glass inserts. The third council's choice concerns the capacity of the chest. Remember that for your child, especially a newborn, you need a lot of things – that diapers, and diapers, and clothing, whose size increases almost each month. And also a huge amount needed for child care products – creams, powders, wipes, etc. Best of all, if the chest is divided into two parts – one with retractable shelves (under care items and clothing), and another – with big shelves, where you can store diapers and bed linen. Among these chests to choose the best and most beautiful in St. Petersburg, you can easily, even if you physically can not go shopping, chest always You can order a delivery online Mebel-812.Ru. That's all the tips on choosing a dresser for the nursery. A few words can be said about the care and maintenance for them. To dresser served long and, most importantly, did not cause disease baby, wipe the dust off it is worth every 2-3 days, and each week goes by with a wet cloth or sponge for all of its shelves and surfaces.

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