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Once again yield strong offering the market-leading provider in the area of energy funds Stuttgart, July 14, 2009. As of this week, investors can participate again in the energy capital invest energy fund. With a volume of 16.5 million euros (EUR 25 million), oil and gas Fund VI KG offers the US”reviewed the possibility of investors from a minimum drawing sum of 10,000 euros plus 5 percent premium, indirectly the attractive oil and gas market in the United States to participate in the world’s largest fund management focused once again on the Haynesville shale discovered only recently – the largest natural gas assisted on the North American continent and the fourth largest in the world. Planned distributions result in trading with mineral rights, the so-called leases and royalty rights. for the first time but also from the exploration.

Investments are only in areas where the Fund is a majority owner. It is also involving the sixth of the Stuttgart-based emission House located a short runner Fund. The US oil and gas Fund VI KG should be resolved again to December 31, 2011. As in the predecessor fund investors profits tax-free conception according to, until on the reservation of progression, in Germany. The maximum payout provision (nominal) a dividend by 36 percent while to the subscribed capital (excluding premiums). Kitchens follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Investors who join the Fund until August 13, 2009, a bonus early illustrator of four percent.

In addition, a final bonus is granted by two percent. A first distribution is already planned for early 2010, more information about 12 percent each are to follow in 2010 and 2011 in the third quarter. With the US oil and gas Fund VI KG the energy capital invest is breaking new ground it is undoubtedly the consistent further development of the highly successful predecessor Fund. In addition to the trade with mineral rights will we be drill the own mineral rights also”and so, in spite of the very short term, try investors attractive profit opportunities at the same time comprehensive security package offer,”explains Fund Managing Director Kay Rieck. Jonathan Segal FAIA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Energy capital invest is well positioned as one of the leading companies in this segment in the United States mainly due to its excellent access routes to interesting areas in the Haynesville shale. This is made possible by the success honoured team of specialists, who come from one of the largest energy companies in North America. The Stuttgart-based company was founded only a year ago, with now five adopted and placed funds, but is as one of the leading providers in this segment. The investments go as planned all distributions have been made as prospects. The peculiarity of the offered US oil & gas Fund is to acquire mineral rights or similar rights, which provide for a profit participation in an oil and natural gas production and at the same time to be drill them and only as the dominant shareholder in the project. In Germany unique concept of US oil Fund IV KG, a mutual funds, investors by the enormous potential of the world’s largest oil and natural gas market, the United States, participate in – and that can without going into the rather risky exploration. Energy capital invest management company mbH Diemershaldenstrasse 23 70184 Stuttgart Tel: + 49 711 51 89 25 25 fax: + 49 711 51 89 07 36 E-Mail:

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