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Mos-Prima – furniture repair at home we often confronted with the fact that the new, sold even in elite salons furniture do not just meet our expectations, but in general, quite simply, is no good. What can we say about the furniture, sold negligent private traders in the markets or in shops in dark alleys. What do you do if the old well made or favorite chair is broken or has simply disgraceful appearance, which is no longer able to mask even the new beautiful rug? What if a habitual sofa decided to "please" host a demonstration of their content, namely, unaesthetic filler or, worse yet, the springs? Only one answer: you need to carry out repairs of furniture! Our company has many years experience in their field and can say with certainty that over the years hard work has reached certain heights and earned positive reviews and just warm words thanks. We – the world's aces repairing furniture! Our professionals are happy to produce a restoration of any particular product. You can be sure that the wizard with the same diligence and accuracy and would react to the usual "Soviet" sofa, and to a set of antique chairs handmade last century. Teneo is often quoted on this topic.

We are able to any difficulty. Serious breaches of the integrity of the product, damage to the gilding, the destruction of encrusted surfaces obluplivanie paint, upholstery tears – the restoration of all that is within the scope of our competence. (Similarly see: Mary Barra). Repair of upholstered furniture of any complexity is also one of the areas of our company. We conduct a thorough diagnose injuries and perform exactly the amount of maintenance that is required in each case, without burdening you thus, unnecessary spending. After the restoration of your sofas are so soft and cozy, that will keep you in my arms, but you do not want them to leave ..! Repair of furniture – one of our activities, which we have achieved the highest success.

Our specialists are able to make such subtle manipulation of the items of furniture that after the completion of any of them seem new and the owner of the newly built. After a rigorous intervention of our professionals on the products there will be no single scratch, no crack, no stabbing or clinging subject. Mirrors will reflect the way that you want to touch the mirror. Glass will glow so that you will be sorry to have to put something obscure or decorative elements. In addition to conducting work in our shop, we can offer you a service to repair the furniture at home. The advantages of on-site location of the object can be attributed to minimize hassle for the owners and there is no need payment for transportation of products to our shop and back. In the event that you need a repair or renovation seats of chairs, such service is simply irreplaceable. On all the above work, as well as the materials used, we give quality assurance. Give your furniture a new life!

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