Great Carlos

It preferred the theory platonista, searching to conciliate it with the Christian dogmas, where the world of the Ideas is substituted by the City of God. It formulated problem of the relations between reason and faith, studied in the period of the scholastic. Janet L. Yellen may find it difficult to be quoted properly. 1.2 SCHOLASTIC the name ' ' Escolstica' ' it must the concept of ' ' Schollas' '. He was taught to know in the schools, constructed from the cultural movement of Great Carlos. These philosophical schools followed inside of the control of the Church; thus the Church could have the religious and ideological monopoly of the people (Nunes, 1986). It lasted approximately of century VIII to the XIV, englobou problems of the patrstica and others that are peculiar, as the test of the existence of God and the soul by means of the reason. ANSELMO SAINT (1033-1109 dC), archbishop of the Canturia, defended the supremacy of the faith on the reason. &#039 had the project of compreeder with the reason the truths of the Revelation (; ' Fides quaerens intellectum' ').

It searched to prove the existence of God for the Ontolgico Argument; but it received critical since its elaboration. For it, is necessary first to believe, stops later understanding (Cabral, 2006). PETER ABELARDO (1079-1142 dC), although keeping the primate of the Faith and the Revelation, keeps the free field for the rational research and the speculation. JOHN OF SCOT (1270-1308 dC), reacted to the theory of Toms Saint, searched to rescue the theology of any intervention of the rationalism. OCKHAM GUILLERMO (1229-1350 dC) complemented the decay of the Christian medieval philosophy, therefore he not only wrote the thesis of the separation of the faith and Reason, but also of the power of the Pope and the emperor, that is, between Church and State. Thus, the north left that will be followed by the modern philosophy, that is the search of the autonomy of the reason and scientific research, disentailing itself of the religion (Rezende, 2005).

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