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Five star holidays for small animal, bird, dog, and cat right in front of the gates of Hanover is the pet residence Heidehaus. It enables animals of any kind, even without their bipeds to make holiday. In a five star accommodation be they cuddled, pampered, cared for and well taken care. More information is housed here: Philip Laffey. Single or double rooms, some with private garden, full Board with the small treats in between as well as the extensive walk with friendly Zoo Keepers are available. So many planes and four-legged friends by this excellent holiday offer information and their two-legged opener with the nose just poke them, took the team of the pet residence appropriate and quickly and biodegradable roll up banner.

This roll up banner made by the EasyShare display GmbH print and finish. The pet residence is located on the former site of the former Heidehaus’ Hannover (lung hospital). During masters and mistresses in the hospital, their holidays in Switzerland, England and Croatia spend or pursue time-intensive activities, are Here, you can buy an all inclusive vacation in the middle of the Green his favorite. Small animals and birds can choose their own dwellings or large aviaries, partially with other fellows together. Cats have the luxury of a single room or to be able to relate with their buddy together a double room. This is equipped with toys, high deck boards, scratching, a cozy window seat or even enclosed outlet. Dogs can check in as day guests or for a holiday with accommodation. For them, there are rooms with toys, sleeping place, open-air used alone or together with others, as well as extensively long walks in the 300,000 m large area. For fun, and good care is taken care of here! A visitor of the animal residence once described this vacation option with the words: “Here, almost more is offered the animal as home”.

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