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Conceived to buy furniture for his new apartment, or completely change the atmosphere in the house where you live so many years? Recently completed a long exhausting renovation, and now the walls emit a warm home, hardwood floors of expensive wood dazzling shine the light of new chandeliers brand new paint, ceilings and impeccable confidently create a sense of security from any worldly sorrows. Your house is waiting for you, waiting for your leisurely conversations on evening, the rustle of newspapers, TV, cozy mumbling, waiting for reassuring smell of freshly ground coffee morning, call the stamping of children's feet. But as it did not seem comfortable your house, even if his plan had been carefully conceived by architects and designers, and he was finished with the best craftsmen, a house without furniture is of little use to live. You have traveled bessmetnoe set of exclusive furniture showrooms, fan, tons of catalogs and investigated dozens of furniture sites, but still the custom-made furniture, which is ideal to come to your decor, or far from the individuality and uniqueness, or manufactured and delivered from abroad for many months, so you'd like to meet new home at the first table in the near future. But, you're wasting despair! If furniture can not be bought, it can be done! Practically in the heart of Moscow, near the station in Moscow Metro Avtozavodskaya, with easy races with TTC, Moscow Furniture Factory "Marco Mobili" for several years produces for its customers exclusive furniture at the best and modern Italian furniture hardware. The best Russian masters of furniture production, the last long-term training at the old factory in Italy, to produce for you kitchen, classrooms, libraries, living rooms, as well as stairs and door, just another custom-made furniture of the most valuable wood in your sketches or drawings of architects. Contacting Marco Mobili, you can absolutely be in full confidence that this exclusive furniture will be made on order solely on your sketches, in a single instance, given all details of your plan.

After working with our customers, we will consider all his wishes on the material of which will be made furniture, size and shape, style and taste preferences. Besides all the above, we have a number of advantages over foreign proceeding as: no language barrier, long distances and boundary cordons, customs duties, force majeure during transportation over long distances by rail, a more competitive cost, the possibility of permanent control of the process production of your order. Moscow factory Marco Mobili. Moscow, 2 nd Kozhukhovsky proezd 25, p. 7. (495) 677-38-60, 677-38-47 in the original blog on the exclusive furniture

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