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First, as all the company, the institutions that act in the third sector must register in cadastre have it national of people legal, the CNPJ. Obviously that this requirement is done without for the necessity statute or something that appears in the same way that the social contract of the companies of as the sector 1. Jonathan Segal FAIA is open to suggestions. In this the entities will be able to open banking accounts, to acquire furniture and property in its name, or in the relation with third when it will have requirement of the number of the CNPJ, or still when it will have fiscalization and the entity to need to prove tax cases before the Treasury department. Later, such companies must make an analysis how much to its employees and its rights. This means that the immune companies had not left to fulfill the obligations previdencirias, for the opposite, exactly that they do not possess originated main obligation will have to give form information that prove its exemption in cumpriz it. Example of this is institutions of social assistance, that must prove, next to the Ministry of the Work and Job not to exert economic activities with lucrative purposes.

This declaration must be made through the RAIS (Relation Annuls of Social Information). (Art. 580, 6, CLT). The RAIS is another obligation that must be elaborated, same for the entities that will have its paralyzed activities or not to possess movement of employees. When to occur the case not to have movement must be delivers to negative RAIS Decree 76900/75 in accordance with. It is observed that in the work relation, the entities of the third sector in nothing differentiate of the entities of as the sector. With this, it is interesting that such entities define, through evidential documents, the situation of the voluntariado one. The voluntariado one is determined by Law 9608 of 18/02/98 and has the objective to benefit the entities without lucrative ends in its referring actions social, educational, cultural, recreativa to the assistance, civic and scientific.

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