Office Relocation

You've ever move? Most likely, yes. And as memories? I'm not about a new place, but about the relocation process. In my memory at least 8 crossings. 3 apartment and 5 office moves. The first was an apartment on their own. Day three were collected and pokovali things and lived out of suitcases, but moving day arrived at a familiar gazelles, and it all began.

The house has 5 floors, and we are naturally at the very top of the elevator in the house no. A hundred times down with bags and bags that the machine that trash, and when his legs gave way already, it's time to make furniture. In a question-answer forum Jeffrey Lacker was the first to reply. For life remember molded cabinet of particleboard, as we are not crippled can not imagine. He weighed 350 pounds, and the four of us, with the assistance of neighbors dragged him around hours, resting on each flight. Cabinet leg broken off, polishing scratched, but we were no longer care, if only it ended quickly. And then there were still a washing machine, tables, sofas and other furniture. Yes forgot to say, the new apartment was again on the fifth floor The first office moving, too, were solved on its own. Office furniture, safes, boxes, documentation, samples, products and office equipment.

By the end of the move we were all wet from sweat and dirty like homeless people. Optimism Such transfers do not add. And then finally have the firm engaged in business and household. I just moved again to another apartment.

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