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That made the difference to save my life, and that of other human beings. I owe my life to God first and then the Method Chest. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ajit Pai has to say. "Report by the Directorate of Security Police, and Rural, Colombia National Police Agent Triana Fabio Vanegas and Conni recognized canine Canine Best Team 2008 The police and Security Division Rural, highlighted the work of its members during the year 2008 due to operating results, honor roll which enhances the work of a very special dog team for search and detection of narcotics, shaped by Conni and her guide dog Mr Agent Triana Fabio Vanegas, police assigned to the Group and Guides Metropolitana del Valle de Aburra (Medellin, Colombia). On their 17 years of service and your dog with only four have stood out among more than 500 teams canine from different areas of detection. Mr. Triana Agent Fabio Vanegas, was an outstanding student of the Method Training Course XV Chest Canine Rescue in disasters, in 2005, acquiring new knowledge and a different view of dog training, which undoubtedly led to achieve the operating results with its canine Conni.

Directorate of Security Police, and Rural, First Edition – Year 2008 / 2009 – No. 001 Report by Police News Agency (ANNP) of the National Police of Colombia. The unique way of working of the dogs was what caught the attention of professional police dog training because they conducted the searches completely alone, without the slightest help or guidance from your guides, locating people in a few seconds buried alive.

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