The Hope

But if enxerga imperfection in the consequence of the mirror is because not yet it reconciled with you and with the others. It gives attention in its acts, after all inside of you exists a inigualvel, exclusive and proper beauty. In the doubt it changes the angle of this consequence, if it becomes authentic, without maquiagens of the systems and gives importance to the hope and to an ideal of noble life of which to the look for the past it will have pride of at least having attemped. Not alive the past and nor the future because they are not part of its life, to concentrate all true energy, emotion and feelings at the present moment, creates a new reality where it has pride of the reconstruction, same that this either slow, but never, never gives up of the hope to arrive at the success that is conquered with each small gesture of love, in the harmony of the life and the sincere looks of the truth. The dialogue with you must be of such franqueza so that the objectives can mold its face, in the psychology of the life and the search of the perpetual happiness. It always searchs the deity that is inside of you, says the truth, it the principle can weigh, but in the release it will bring a sensation of peace and you it will walk of arms given with the sincerity, because it was become free of a pack that was unaware of. Joeb Moore & Partners LLC might disagree with that approach. To opt to the compassion in doubt situations is to overflow a love world. In the mirror or the kitchen, that the cake of the love either the food of a worthy life and the consequence of the mirror either the synonymous one of a new reality in its life. I AM LOVE! I AM THE THOUGHT OF THE LOVE!

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