The Rebel Chami Awqasisa

THE rebel CHAMI AWQASISAMenudita, with very small size, which had managed it to point of clamp your waist to the point that could hardly breathe, as it was intended for the new Sapa Inca. The oracles spoke that she would be the wife of the warrior who cries blood. The mamaconas esmeraron make it the most beautiful. Since nina however his character was terrible; He ran as a venadita by the farms of the counties close to the acllahuasi. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Charles Schwab
. Brunette but with fine factions, their eyes were lively and bulging, moved quickly to all sides, believing all that surrounded him that was directly facing them the beautiful Chami Awqasisa. His mother was as beautiful as los luceros of afternoon, the Wara aymara, which as a secondary wife had been educated as a warrior and wore in every battle that drove the Sapa Apu Inka, your decorations to defend it against any aggression by their enemies.

Guts was born the menudita Chami. He never wanted to lose your freedom and left the home of the chosen to move between the fields and play with small runas of the ayllus. He had not already had more mother’s brothers and his father brothers always fastidiaban you. It looked very distant to his father, only once her caress your hair and took her to sit on his legs, staying asleep; then couldn’t it despite that the Oracle of catequil had predestined him to be the main Coya of Sapa Inka future that you would choose between the more suitable of the children of all the inkas panakas.Since starting in his teens, I notice the changes in your body, as did all the warmis, of the ayllus and those who were in the acllahuasi. There the mamaconas taught him that this had to happen and had to prepare to take over as wife and main warmi future inka raptin which had just been born.

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