Alexei Ermakov

If a man wants a harmonious relationship with his wife, he simply must carefully listen to her babble about where and how wonderful her purse, she saw a recipe for a great pizza to her today announced a girlfriend as a tasteless use cosmetics neighbor, what a great selection of flowers in front of the opened flower supermarket, etc. A wise man knows how to listen and keep the ball rolling on all these topics. Even if absolutely no desire to listen to all this meaningless question, then make it a must because it is the act of manifestation of attention. Second, they expect a woman of her "strong" half of this material things. Women's nature is very attached to matter (in a global sense of the word), so man should allow a woman to satisfy this need. Flowers, a new handbag, subtle fragrances, beautiful and comfortable furniture, a modern machine, a stylish coat and etc.

– All this man must provide his wife. It is clear that all is not enough money, but it's not about to kill a woman at once all the gifts. However, the man should have in mind a woman addicted to material subjects and at the first opportunity to meet him. So, the man wants sex and caring woman – the attention and material things. Of course, this is not the only grounds on which the relationship between the two sides, but this is the priority conditions of harmony and concord.

Men desire to have sex and receiving care may seem naive woman and too small needs. Perhaps someone they cause contempt and disgust. In this case, be prepared to be left with nothing, or rather with anyone. The same thing I would like to address the men. If you find it hard to listen to a woman, a conversation with her and other ways to show attention to it, and if you believe that it requires from you only money that it will be foolhardy to spend on clothes, cosmetics, etc., then get ready for solitude. The fair sex with you does not linger long. For harmonious existence everyone should understand, respect and meet the needs of another person. In this case, a happy life is almost guaranteed. Alexei Ermakov

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