Patrick Swayze

With the third film: Much beyond the garden, we reflect on how much the images and the medias, in special the television, influence the behavior of the individuals, they are capable to modify forms to see and to face the world. The step where these images are internalizadas, the people are incorporated in the minds, leading the diverse learnings that can (or not) be extended, revividas and ressignificadas. Moreover, what it is obtained to record is very on the affectivity, to the intuitivo, to the emotional one of the individual. As well as the main personage of the film, how many of us already we record images, scenes, personages which had influenced our life of some form? Is not easy to forget the pretty scene it Ghost film, it another side of the life, where the personage of Patrick Swayze teaches the personage of Demi Moore to work with the clay with touchs of affection and seduction to the sound of that pretty music, subject of the film? musics of sonorous tracks of the novels that make in them to cry of emotion when remembering the romantic pairs, these the personages central offices of the tram? It has who remembers with saudosismo of the decade of 80 when the group of the Magical Balloon was in air the program, with its drawings, dialogues, clips the Small farm of the Yellow Prick-wood that took in them to a magical and fantastic world, made in them to reflect how much it is good house of v These and many other televising images will be kept in our minds. ' ' The effectiveness of communication of the half electronic, in particular of the television, if must to the capacity of joint, overlapping and combination of total different languages? images, say, music, written? with a fluid narrative, a logic little delimited, little necessary sorts, contents and ethics, what it allows high degree it of entropy, of interferences on the part of concessionaires, producers and consumidores' '. .

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