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To order a sliding wardrobe Hall received his filing a calm and cozy interior? Then you must select a sliding wardrobe Rimini, which not only will make you home a feeling of comfort, but undoubtedly will be a highlight your room with the ability to choose the right combination of colors and materials. The functional purpose of such furniture in the hallway – storing outerwear and footwear items used in the present year, safety clothing and footwear in other seasons. This in itself indicates the presence of at least one section of my underwear. But best of all there are two sections under the clothes, well that would affect a clearer division clothing: all the necessary time and in different seasons. Agree, not everyone likes to always choose the thing that you prefer to wear for, say, 30 days from a common set of things. Accordingly, wipe things against each other every day, that just will not improve their appearance.

In addition, the cabinet must be ordered at least one section of the shelf, believe me there are always little things that need to be somewhere. Cabinet door in the hallway can have a reflecting surface is comfortable and beautiful. In any case, before you go to choose a case, you should first measure that area in the room where it is expected to be installed because the dimensions of the "compartment" are adjusted to particular room. Virtually all manufacturers provide parts warranty on their "creations" from 1 to 5 years. Making wardrobes very difficult and important process. The service life of this type of furniture depends not just on the materials used, as well as the reliability of the slip systems of doors.

Such a system – is a set of metal structures as well as the roller mechanism. Among the profiles are prevalent and steel aluminum, the latter is more expensive, but still only aluminum profile can be closed on all sides, putting the roller mechanism. This mechanism can be installed not only on the top, but also on the lower rails. Systems use as bearing upper tracks are worth more, but it is more convenient because you can do dazhebez lower tracks crossing the floor, which is useful, for example, interior doors and sliding partitions. Mighty roller bearing arrangements are defined and covering, noise-free movement and long life of the entire wardrobe. An important point of sliding doors to the hallway – a metal frame vertical edges, which also serves as a handle to the open closet. These frames are usually made of steel and aluminum in high-end models, there are even wooden frames. However, in the most convenient built-in furniture – its internal structure. Modular "cellular" system consists of shelves, drawers, racks and racks. Lightweight aluminum baskets made of wire or boxes of chipboard or plastic collected in the frame modules that could easily go on the rollers. The customer can define "stuffing" of his cabinet and to order it.

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