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What is the itching? Pruritus, commonly known as itch, is the burning sensation on the skin which leads to scratching. Our animals also experience itching to certain diseases and injuries occur from scratching the skin. The itching has different degrees of intensity when we appreciate it is very intense because the animal is easily upset, we see him scratching and becomes injured. But if the itching is less intense, this sign of illness can happen unnoticed for long. It is therefore important to know which are the manifestations of pruritus in our animals or what is the same: How can scratch our animals? Lick. Cats are quiet animals, curious, independent, quiet and clean with a well-developed habit, as well as the grooming behavior is strange. But watch them preen very intense and very constant may be a sign of itching.

Usually when they groom cats do after meals, after dirty or when they are in a proper and comfortable, if this habit watch it frequently, compulsively or very bad! Care! The cats can also be reserved to be licked in places where they do not observe. Know that licking is a form of scratching, of course less intense than do it with a limb but can be traumatic. Cats lick scratch end up producing alopecia, ie hair loss, this hair loss occurs due to broken hairs and may not be observed in the skin lesions, but at other times is so intense licking if skin lesions appear. Dogs also can be scratched by licking. This is usually seen mainly between the fingers, limbs, in the genital area, anus, abdomen or English. We observe a reddening of the skin and hair color change to brown, more visible in the clear coat animals.

This color change occurs by the action of saliva. This licking is sometimes wrongly considered normal by the owners. The dog’s skin is very delicate and any trauma to the licking, you can cause the appearance of secondary infections, complicating the process with wounds, bleeding, odor and more itching. BY chew. When the itching is more severe the dog or cat can go from licking to bite. It nibble with the incisors, opening and closing the mouth little but very fast. There are cats that come to pulling hair snacks yeahhhh! By scratching, as such, that is, moving more or less the limbs to reach the area where itching and scratching with nails, this can be realized in a frenzy. With this kind of scratch injury was inflicted linear scratches. These lesions are easily infected, adding more problems to the initial pathology. But you can rub more imperceptible, if you notice that your dog is rubbed against the walls, furniture or objects, rolls on the ground or rub against it – this may be a sign of suffering from a disease that occurs itching. When scratching is very chronic, has been taking place long skin changes its appearance, is thicker, black and rough. PRURITUS WHY ARE OUR ANIMALS? The causes of itching are varied and complex, easily describe the most common external parasites or allergic hypersensitivity disorders queratoseborreicos Infections Diseases Neoplasms Endocrine metabolic or behavioral problems If your dog or cat is scratching contact your veterinarian, he will be able to guide the problem. Also remember that at present there are veterinary specialists in all fields of medicine: dermatologists, ethologists, oncologists, cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, pathologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists …

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