Decorating Curtains

There are many different options for decorating curtains. Here I will try to familiarize you with various accessories designed for decorating curtains. Most primitive decorating curtains, decorating it with using oblique Bakey Bias binding tape is a pre-bent allowances. Bias binding is used as decoration, as well as in tailoring different products for decorating. Bias binding is quite mild, so You can lay it on a rounded cut without wrinkles and distortions.

The rich color palette allows you to choose a forward Bake for tone on tone fabric. To process the tissue section with a scythe Bakey, there are special devices to the sewing machine, sometimes called 'paws to slash Bakey'. Fringe curtain – a type of decorative curtains. Fringe fringe give expressiveness and elegance of drapes and swags, is used in furnish blankets and furniture. Fringe can also be made of various beads, with beads at the ends of decorative curtain brushes and picked up – a beautiful addition to the curtains. Brush for curtains create a complete composition and in conjunction with the bear picked up the functional load.

Curtains brush and picked up for curtains adorn any, even the most unpretentious curtains and give the interior coating of refinement. For design-rich massive curtains could not be better suited classic hefty brush for curtains. Decorative cord edging for decoration. Cords – a decorative ornaments, which as well as brushes are widely used for sewing curtains, as well as for tailoring coverlets and decorative pillows, in general, interior design and sewing of home textiles. Cords sewn as Kant. Thick cords used in the manufacture of pickup for curtains. There is a huge variety of cords, which differ in color and texture: from natural cotton and paper and twist to luxurious shenilnymi with gold threads. Most often are made on the braid cord that can be sewn into the seam. Using brushes and cords for blinds allow you to make the newly created interior refinement and solemnity. Grommets and clips – details of multifunctional. Thus, the grommets – a metal or plastic ring, 'Compress' the holes in the fabric. Can also serve as fasteners, which hangs drapery and decoration, sewn onto the fabric or frame randomly placed holes in it. Clips as in the first place, keep the fabric on the cornice, and Second, are the decorative clips for removal, which allows to simulate the volume of the drapery. Magnets for the blind is an original accessory that helps you gently raise the curtain 'in the bunch. " Magnets hold it in such a position and it will fall pretty flat tails.

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