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Buy power tools – not as easy as it may seem a man not previously faced with this task. You do not just buy a router or a jigsaw, a drill or a hammer – you buy a sharp under any particular problem the device, instrument, and it should serve you for this task is not an god.Na now there are so many brands and models – from the very expensive, professional brands to cheaper poor Chinese "nouneyma." In this article we will explain how not to get lost in the abundance of manufacturers and models, how to understand the classification of modern power tools and power to choose what you . or amateur? For convenience, all power tools can be divided into two classes: professional and amateur. Another highlight should be industrial grade, which actually refers to the professional power tool – but is even more carefully and properly, can work virtually around the clock – but it's worth it, of course, more. But if you do not own productive capacity – as For example, a furniture factory – you no reason to acquire an industrial drill a couple of thousand dollars, is not it? Professional Power should be operated on the basis of the resource on average 100 hours per month – or a day intermittently for 5-6 hours.

Purchase of this instrument class is appropriate for owners of mini-workshops, master-professionals and amateurs who will have to do a lot of work – for example, execution of repairs on their own in an apartment. In this case, we recommend the following tool manufacturers: Makita, Metabo, Bosch (blue), Kress, Hitachi.Lyubitelsky power tools, made a good producer, too is a worthy option for the purchase. However, as a tool of this class is not designed for operation in harsh regimes, and if you plan to work more than 25-30 hours per month (about one hour per day and more), the choice is stop on a professional instrument. In this "weight category", we recommend that tool manufacturers such as Bosch (green), B & D, Skil.

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