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In this situation, we face everywhere. As a result, car repair, we begin to understand the engine of our car better than any mechanic in setting his apartment going through all the construction professions – from a mason and Painter to the electrician or plumber, but the choice turputevku know all the hotels in the selected areas and conditions in them as if he had already been there ten times. Of course, experience in acquiring new skills – a useful lesson. But not when it becomes compulsory and takes time, which I would like to spend on more enjoyable and necessary cause. You are planning an event and in advance do not expect anything good from contractors.

And it's not your fault. Such approach you taught a harsh fact of life. Referring to the agency, you are ready to ensure that the entire process and the implementation itself of the upcoming corporate holiday will fall on your shoulders. You sighed heavily, and not trusting managers, go through all the hard way with them. You have to go into details of the event-managers all contractors activities, clarify once again, everything is okay, cool autumn evenings you will once again go inspect the site, checking with the manager, whether hammered pegs, which will be checked. At night, you write your version of the script, which then themselves brakuete, winning more than the best from the agency. As a result, you are a cold and tired, come to the event, and try not to fall into the camera lens and do not sneeze during the performance leadership.

You got another profession, which, unfortunately, not be entered in Workbooks and do not pay as a salary. But, you know if there will come times of famine, in addition to your major field of study, you can work well – lighter mass shows, advisor engineer, vbivatelem peg into the frozen ground or an assistant junior assistant copywriter with the prospect of a junior assistant. Solution: Of all our boards, the decision on this issue – very simple, and yet the most difficult. Choose the correct agency working on modern Western standards, and truly, customer-centric. The first signs can be determined at the stage of the tender. Note the time frame for the primary suggestions on the quality and consistency of your application. Compare the levels of creativity and competent descriptions submitted concepts. At the presentation of proposals do not hesitate to ask the manager most tricky and difficult questions, and pay attention to its ability to provide immediate and accurate decisions. Specify how many people, and how the agency will be involved for your project. In a word, ask about all that can be important for you and your company. Visit the projects, organized by agency and look at the process and logistics of the activities in real time. On how you make the right decision by choosing most professional performer, and on clear understandings "on shore" Your future depends on peace and the degree of your personal involvement in the organization of corporate events. And if your choice will be made correct event will be held here, but from minuses will be only a lack of professional event-manager in your personal list of specialties we, in turn, wish you a lot of positive corporate and personal events, and hope that this knowledge will help make them vivid and memorable! Good luck! (C) Barbara Snigireva, Scripting Commands ET

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