United Provinces

In this construction Portuguese of year 1720, our imagination flies and revive a greatness past. In their ground floor, the Spanish provinces shine ceramic of Castile, of Zamora and Galicia, representing that came to populate the Colony. Next to regional customes where the harmony of black red skirts and corsettes stand out, typical suits of Leon, Segovia, Asturias and Galicia, is a uniform of the Infantry regiment of Cordova. Overwhelming maylicas with provincial shields and a great oil of the first Virrey of the River of the Silver, Pedro de Cevallos, pass on nostalgia to us of legendary facets of the Colony. Between maps, designs and several factors that call to history, is a framed flag pertaining to the Spanish Regiment of Fixed of Montevideo of the time of the English Invasions of 1807.

The same had been deposited in the Convent of the Mercedarios Friars of Buenos Aires, by a soldier who managed to save it in a battle of the River of the Silver. When it was recovered the house was between the beam and the wooden framework of the ceiling, a ticket of 50 pesos, the National Bank of the United Provinces of the River of the Silver, dated in 1827. There they remain original documents like Treaties between the Virrey Cevallos and the King of Spain Carlos III, the Treaty of San Ildefonso and the historical description of the moments lived by Colony. The aristocratic construction of century XVIII, owns a perfect intonation; it presents/displays openings whose thresholds are of stone of monolithic stature, the wall is of stone of 90 centimeters of thickness, entrepiso original of hard wood, his ceiling is of characteristic Portuguese style, constructed in wood lasts brought of Paraguay, – Quebracho or Cinnamon, with adorned pyramidal form with roofing tiles. The stairs and the internal partition are original, as well as they are them the doors and the marks that appear without painting.

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