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The next step was the English-speaking group expansion with approximately 35 forums in May 2009. Since early July 2009 is a Russian area in the building. Other languages such as Spanish and French are planned. Current status of XING group welding, related procedures and alternative joining techniques”more than 1500 members 3 in Russian is from over 75 countries per 35 forums in English and German, 7 moderators from 7 different companies and 2 Nations planning: extension the group to an independent network platform in Spanish and French, with 2 matching moderators for users, developers and interested in joining technology offer. The entire welding and joining technology is welcome. The posts in the forums are visible for all members not XING. So is also externally to see the group in a limited fashion and to find through Google and other search engines through a variety of headings (approx.

300 pieces) from the welding and joining technology. The A membership at XING is necessary to be able to see the group, completely. It is also free of charge available with restrictions, however, the paid premium membership offers advanced features. With over 26,000 expert groups and networking events, XING has become a Web interface for business professionals around the world. Over 7 million professionals, students and job-seekers are already using the global business network XING in 16 languages for business, profession and career.

With made-to-measure networking functions and services, XING promotes networking and professional contacts. Furthermore, XING reveals the connections between people – an unbeatable resource, to generate valuable contacts. Ursula Buch first group meeting: happy hour party status: the first group meeting of the XING group “Welding and allied processes, alternative techniques” will be held as a happy hour party on September 14, 2009 from 17:00 clock on the DVS / GSI booth at the welding and cutting exhibition “welding and” Cutting”in Essen.

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