Cali Both sides of the boom in direct sales by Yair Arroyave – Reporter of El Pais, 97 of those associated with direct sales are women. Some companies do not accept men. File / El Pais The growth of stable sales force the industry to the financial crisis.

Nancy Torres has dedicated more than five years to catalog sales. Yanbal markets, Avon, L’Ebel and Esika, but not bill as much as before. Only one of the brands, Nancy could place orders up to a million of dollars a few months ago. Now, if anything, comes to 400,000. The reason, according to her, is that every day more people are involved in this business trying to find a new source of revenue in these times of economic crisis. ‘It is common to offer products to any woman and tells me that also sells “she says. And is that the business of direct selling has been one of the fastest growing in Colombia in recent years. Despite the slowdown that began tracking the economy last year, its sales have had a sustained result. In 2008 came to a billion dollars. According to Francisco Miguel Arismendi, chairman of the board of the Colombian Association of Direct Selling Acodevi, Colombia and president of Amway, the direct selling business has been favored for a reason: many people in times of crisis are in the space to find a single entry, or perhaps complementary, ‘so I dare say has been one of the best balance in the anus’. The equation is simple: the vendors have been down the amount of their orders because most people go into business, but at the same time, these people are those that have stable earnings companies. Currently, more than 700,000 people in Colombia are related to direct sales or multilevel mode in which besides selling the products, people can link to other marketing and profiting on them. This type of business, also known as network marketing. According Acodevi, 30 companies in the country are unionized in the direct selling industry. ‘The main ones are consumer products, but there are a number of companies have realized that the rise of global system and have decided to venture into that field, “said Arismendi. Gloria Flores, manager Yanbal Communications, says the market is growing much because people do not look for the product but it comes home with personalized advice. Also, because it is a generator of business for women. Last year the brand of Amway consumer products business had 12,000, however, according to its chairman, ‘this year we have been growing at an impressive pace, are growths of up to three digits, because employers have understood the business opportunity’. In a new expansion plan, the company decided to lower their prices in line more suitable for the consumer of the region, with which according Arismendi, ‘we are sacrificing profit margin to reach a much larger population. “

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