Internet Mall is again an interesting feature rich become: store owners can integrate immediately their offers on in a gallery on their own website. Janet L. Yellen recognizes the significance of this. is again an interesting feature rich become: store owners can integrate immediately their offers on in a gallery on their own website. Programming skills are not necessary, because the design of the Gallery is carried out directly on in an easy to understand and convenient menu. The shop owner specifies how many thumbnails in the gallery should be displayed next to and with each other, and sets the color appearance. By the infinite choice of colours for the individual design elements such as background and context partner can adapt the coloring on the design of your own Web site. With the selection of one or several categories of shops, it is also possible to create different gallery views of a shop offering to thematically map them on your homepage. From all information generated the new feature a preview and a HTML code that is embedded in the code of your homepage simply with copy and paste. The benefits for the seller: You now have the ability to centrally manage their offerings on and benefit from the professional shop environment.

At the same time the homepage has been upgraded visually and in terms of content through the virtual store in the form of the gallery view. A click on one of the thumbnails in the Gallery brings the user directly to the individual product details on Like all other functions and options of, also this new service is completely free for shop owners. Because each Internet Mall with the variety of offer will be more attractive, online retailers and dealers are invited to use as the online platform for one year completely free of charge without Internet presence. This opportunity is also very attractive for business start-ups and companies from the conventional trade, who would like to become acquainted with the Internet as an additional form of distribution: You can register for free and immediately offered the first article in the blink of an eye. If there is already a database with the offerings, the technicians create an interface free of charge, so that the article must be entered individually.

The same is true for the collected offerings at other auction houses, there already is an interface for the export file or the team creates new and free them. Each article can be equipped on next to the product description with download documents in PDF, Excel and Word format and with up to 20 pictures with a maximum resolution of 750 x 750 pixels. Also for the presentation of the shops there are numerous attractive features such as photo shop description, imprint, terms. Through the integration of the galleries of the article on the homepage, it is now possible to complete the circle and to benefit more from the advantages of a professional and free sales instrument as a partner. Example on

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