Opinion of one person I do not know whether it would be someone interesting. I, frankly, not many in the art understand, and in the galleries do not often go. So, maybe, my arguments about the painting may seem frivolous to many. But, really was a very strong impression of acquaintance with a painting of Alexander Verbina. And you want to share. I most contemporary artists do not like. I look, it happens on a picture – and I see more or less skillfully izrisovanny canvas.

Deep meanings that allegedly tried to sketch artist, were hidden away too deeply, so I do not get. And the picture is a second language, uninteresting. And when I saw at the show Verbina painting, I liked it … For me the main thing in the picture – the association and memories. They came flooding back to me and overwhelmed. I’m kind of back thirty years ago in his childhood, which is always bad remember, youth, you can not forget.

In the picture – the sun, hiding in the trees, the old church on the hill, big sky and distant gray horizon. As if I’ve already seen somewhere. Oh, yes! I remember where and when … When patsanenkom walked on mushrooms village with her aunt – was the same sun. When a young red-haired girl (gone are the days where!) Ran away from the storm – that’s one of those stacks, and the church was too far away. And the last time, slushy fall, I was almost an adult, looking on a cloudy horizon. Then I went for it, and left behind the church, and then the sun in the trees, and haystacks, and the sky. Gone and forgotten. Now, in one of Moscow’s art galleries, I remember. Everything is so wonderfully matched. But Alexander never in the Kostroma village was not … And that, perhaps, is the skill of the artist – to paint, so that thousands of eyes and then saw something special, intimate and a native. In life, I have no regrets. I good work, smart wife, nice kids. But I’m glad those experiences, which seemed to have never will. And I want to say thank you to the artist Alexander Ivanovich Verbin over the good of my memories.

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