The Brackets

So that the project will not ruin, you must develop a systematic, rapid method to carry it out. The glue can alter the size of the wood, increasing the possibilities of building a low quality product. Materials needed for gluing are: a bottle of glue with its applicator, water cleaner, a sponge, glue applicators (brush or a rod of wood, 1/8 x x 3-inch size), covered with masking tape, wood of different sizes (noble wood or veneer) clamps and screws. But before beginning the process of gluing should bear in mind the following tips: arrange the pieces in order; It considers whether the size of the artboard is large enough; cover the work surface with paper and move the wooden blocks by hand. Junction points the joints of the project, in the same way as the joints of the body, holding two materials. With adhesive only not enough to ensure that these two materials remain together because there are many factors that can affect adhesion. Humidity is one of these factors that affect wood, because it directly affects the size. Size decreases when moisture out of the wood and expands when it is absorbed. Joints not only provide a mechanical bond between two materials, but they also increase the gluing surface; Therefore, the joints are essential to the realization of a project. Glued and fastened after having spent much time in preparation, you are finally ready to paste and hold your work. But before these two processes, you must understand the concept of moderation, because cannot afford excesses in these steps. To make the paste, apply sufficient force to adjust the clamps. An excessive amount of glue or force to secure the brackets cause a bad union. In addition, it should not be forgotten ensure that the surfaces are clean and prepared to achieve a strong bonding. Finish this point the project is almost finished. The ultimate challenge is of the finish. As in any other project, is the final product that matters, and not the preliminary version, therefore, this step is crucial to the success of the project. The finishing touches include defects patch and the refinement of the surface. For more information about construction of wood furniture please visit: threaten to install on calle Cuauhtemoc dead square The first X.E.O.U. 1020 AM muscles of the neck (anterior and lateral vision): sternocleidomastoid muscle Natural therapies and more iPad: new side connection and intelligent corner credit unions (Credit union) from head to toe Tufondodearmario’s blog

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