Good Hearing Forms

| November 14, 2017

Intact ears ensure learning success at Jung and the human sense of hearing can distinguish up to 50 sounds old in a single second. He provides numerous information and provides important orientation. What importance has an intact hearing for our learning, is often underestimated. Credit: Declan Kelly-2011. According to a nationwide survey conducted by the […]

Red Moon

| November 13, 2017

The youth of an underdeveloped country is, frequently, an idle youth; Therefore, it must be given occupation. She is more organized and, therefore, more complete. 4 There are other ilativos that are used to express order, steps or stages in a process or an action. These are very important to have the facts in time […]

The Contentment

| November 11, 2017

Later we will have to search? why who search, certainly will find. It will be, then, that all that speak that they desire to reach the happiness reach it? Or they are predestinold to find it? We have to know that the people nor always live what they speak, many people say diverse things of […]


| November 9, 2017

THE CONTRIBUTION OF VERNER PANTON FOR POP ART. Fernanda Kriger SUMMARY: To get a bigger knowledge on the movement Pop Art, in relation to the Design a research on the bases of this movement and in specific on the contribution of Verner Panton was carried through, to designer that it acted strong inside of the […]


| November 4, 2017

The disease of Alzheimer, also known as EA, is a disease that alters the brain cells, causing them to failure and die. Doctors could know that an image by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applied to an affected, shows that some areas of the brain have been reduced and this gets worse as the disease progresses. […]

Home Decorating Improvements

| November 4, 2017

Decorating the home is a subject of many questions which arise from the distribution to pose, style, type of materials, colors, etc.. Sometimes forgetting the taste and preferences of those living at home, and this is the first mistake … the first thing you should do when starting a process of decoration or redecoration is […]