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In the Libyan desert night follows day, unbelievably fast. Ten minutes ago was still dark, and this is already viscous black shadows began to move, struck up a bizarre broken images on the deformed face of a centuries-old scars huge bizarre creatures. Quickly prorisovyvayas of gloom night, monstrous either , whether poluchelovek Dvadtsatimetrovy height, looks menacing hollow eyes to the east. Back to where the sun should rise. His not interested in anything that happens in this world. He could not remember when and who built it. Above it timeless. This – the Sphinx.

Guardian eternal rest buried near the pharaohs in Egypt. In the Middle Ages, the Arabs called the Greater Sphinx, the "Father of Terror." But by itself the word "Sphinx" – the feminine and, in Greek, means "strangler women. So, you are in Egypt, the Sphinx and the country home of the pyramids. Excursion to the Giza plateau on which stand the most famous Pyramids of Egypt (Cheops, and Menkaure) and Great Sphinx of Giza – one of the most impressive human imagination in the world. Click Gavin Baker, New York City to learn more. Pyramid of Cheops ( – placed in the top wonders of the world still in the iii century bc together with the Temple of Artemis Hanging gardens of Babylon. Until our times only survived it. See for themselves one of the wonders of the world feel the greatness of ancient buildings which survived for many generations, and will last for thousands of years – whether it is not one of the best gifts you can ever imagine to present? A quality made by Egyptian photographer, your photo on a background of monumental architectural ensemble of the pyramids and the Sphinx takes pride place in the family album.

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