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Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais was discovered by return of 1693 and 1698. The city was palco of great historical events, as the War of the Emboabas, that facts had among others been part of the history of the country. For this Ouro Preto reason it has it has great importance for the culture of the state of and the country, and passed to be considered ' ' city cultural historic site of humanidade' '. Beyond the historical factor that attracts the whole world tourist, the city counts on a rich ecosystem in secular waterfalls, tracks and a vast extension of native bush. With a colonial architecture, Ouro Preto was to the first city of Brazil to receive the heading from Historic site and Cultural of the Humanity. Had to its great cultural value, the city well-taken care of and is protected by some agencies and projects that they look to keep local history with restoration of the city. Historical city of Minas Gerais, Ouro Preto was scene of the Project Everything of Color for You, of the Choral company of inks, aiming at the revitalizao of painting of the faades of houses of the city.

The project of the Chorale acted in the famous Slope Ephignia Saint counting on the aid of the local community for the revitalizao of the place. But the Everything of Color for You was only plus one of some projects that work in favor of this historic site. The city hall of Ouro Preto is one of main the responsible ones for the conservation of the city. According to available information in the official site of the city the city hall works constantly with workmanships of reform in the church, cultural improvements of highways and initiatives that become sources of income for the city.

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