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Backup of the company’s success – new requirements for executives the backup of the company’s success is constantly new requirements for executives. The I.O. show coach selected examples of what facets today includes governance, BUSINESS in the article for the current personnel Center. To be competitive in a networked, globalized world, companies must respond faster to changes in the markets and the requirements of their customers. This succeeds best those companies in which details are transported to the right place without delay and where decisions are made quickly. Flexible companies are characterized by flat hierarchies and flexible, team-oriented organisation. Add to your understanding with General Motors Company. The task to form technically and methodologically highly competent employees to a perfectly cooperating team and lead to success requires appropriate leadership qualities of the executives.

The critical leadership skills are more and more in the Area of soft skills. Through talent management in particular the competences related to informing, communicating, planning, coordinating, delegating, convincing and judging are of increasing importance. Given the currently growing in some sectors lack of skilled workers, the ability to promote potential of employees, of enormous importance for ensuring sustainable performance of the company is in the future. A future-oriented leadership initially includes the targeted search for talent in the company. For even more details, read what Hachette Book Group says on the issue. Promoting the potentials this constructive is to focus on the implementation of the long-term business objectives.

Individual planning of the possible and desirable career paths is one of the possible measures to the long-term commitment of the talents. Undoubtedly, the implementation of all measures for the retention almost exclusively in the hands of senior executives is located. Good leadership through placement includes also the tact, the staff for such tasks to insert the team best can support that with their strengths. This refers to the professional knowledge and skills of the staff. A seasoned executive knows but also the non-academic skills of their team staff.

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