Stretch Ceilings, What It Is And What Is Their Advantage

In fact the suspended ceiling is a fabric impregnated with polyurethane or pvc film stretched to a mounted to a wall frame. Fabric ceiling is a matte finish and can be done in different colors. Ceilings made of pvc film can be both dull and gloss of various colors. Stretch ceiling can be installed below the base of 3 cm to 8.10 cm if you want to install recessed fixtures. The advantages of such ceiling are as follows. Mounting tension ceiling does not require the removal of furniture and the relocation of the repair facilities. All work is completed in a few hours.

Suspended ceiling will hide all the defects the main ceiling, under it is easily hidden ventilation system, or alarms, it allows the use of recessed fixtures. Unlike other methods, the suspended ceiling is easy to clean common household detergents containing no chlorine. The main plus suspended ceilings, they are not afraid of leaks. The canvas is very durable and can withstand up to 100 liters of water. Even if you have filled in, you will be able to pump out water or give rise to the craftsmen who make all accurately and quickly. Cleave the water, will remove the cloth and always will dry ceiling space. After doing all the work you do not have to clean up piles of garbage, all dirt, dust it for prints mounted to the wall, but it can be avoided using a vacuum for dust extraction during drilling.

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