What I actually received it? In an e-mail files were Word, rather curtailed (as in many Chinese firms) specification and photos. All the photographs were products of that ‘I have somewhere seen. ” However, it is not surprising – the Chinese often copy each other’s products. For more specific information, check out Janet L. Yellen. Surprisingly it was something else: factory (even with the percentage consulting firms), product prices, as a rule, did not differ from my search results on the Internet, and in some cases exceeded it. Of course, the first request for money from the Chinese are always inflated, but even the next negotiations (they held consulting company) have not led to significant results. Accordingly, after several attempts (by different product categories) will cease cooperation, because our future Collaboration was a waste of time and for me, and for a consulting company.

However, the main conclusions were very helpful. Benefits of working with consulting companies: They are in China, and can find those who are not in After the online pretreatment work fairly quickly, the money for the search does not take (at least in my case) Cons: Requires pre-training: to explain the characteristics of a product manager He will explain to the Chinese. Any link in the chain can understand you correctly the real price for the products you hardly know – the consulting company will take a percentage of the value of the order is not always possible to talk to themselves Chinese, see their website and make sure they are real producers most important thing: the price you’re unlikely to win another important point. Yes, consulting companies will find those who are not online, but whether you need such producers? Much more interesting to work with serious companies who are focused on the world market. Especially, with the help of the site can understand much about the Chinese firm. In different industries and working with different consulting companies, details may differ, but the basic principles I have outlined.

In which case, contact the consulting company? Much more interesting to cooperate with them if the range of services includes inspection of goods in China during the loading and, possibly, the delivery and paperwork at customs. In any case, search for the manufacturer and the initial request for prices to start your own.

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