Winter Camping: With Caravan Or Motorhome In The Snow

InterCaravaning with the most important tips for the winter holiday of Koblenz, December 19, 2012 – winter camping is fully in line with the trend. But snow and frost do not manage for frustration, there are a few things to consider. InterCaravaning, Europe’s largest retail chain for caravanning, has put together the most important tips for successful winter camping. Route planning and reservation spontaneity is great but a poor guide when travelling with caravan or motorhome in the winter holiday. Too narrow and snow-covered mountain passes can spoil the pleasure of winter camping, before the holiday at all has begun. Travellers should therefore carefully plan their route and learn which streets are well passable even in winter with caravan or motorhome. Also the parking space should be reserved in advance. After all, who wants to face a fully booked or closed space even at sub-zero temperatures? Winter tyres and traction AIDS such as car winter tyres are compulsory in Caravan and motorhome.

InterCaravaning experts recommend at least four millimeters Tread depth. There are measuring instruments for determining the tread depth for little money in the stores. But also a one euro coin works. Simply push the euro into the profile blocks. If the Golden edge is eliminated, the profile is still sufficient.

Sometimes, no progress is more but also with the best winter tires. That’s why snow chains or similar traction AIDS like Autosocks belong in the luggage. Also a small supply of split or sand can help when starting up. Vehicle check mobile home winter campers should thoroughly check before departure: the on-board electronics and indoor and outdoor lighting work? Comes from the blower and heater enough hot air? All faucets work? The gas system is most important, because this will ensure warmth. Every two years a leak test of the system by a specialist is required. If the examination is already something older, this can be done quickly at the InterCaravaning dealer.

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