Democratic Management

Thus, the Managing Plan (chapter III, articles 39 the 42), is a Law that organizes the growth and the planning of the city, determining rules on the use of the urban property in benefit of the collective, to guarantee that the property fulfills its function social, which if becomes obligator for cities that contains more 20 a thousand inhabitants, located in regions urban, pertaining the tourist areas of special interest, inserted metropolitans and agglomerations in the area of influence of enterprises or activities with significant ambient impact of regional or National scope, having as primordial function the efetivao of the right the housing, where it is the responsible one for defining the actions of the referring City to the urban politics. The Democratic Management (chapter IV, articles 43 the 45), has as function to execute and to follow Plans, Programs and Projects of urban development, through the popular participation and of the representative associations of some segments of the community and its formularization. General disposals (chapter V, articles 46 the 58), make use that the States and the Cities will have the stated period of ninety days, from the entrance in vigor of the Law, to fix stated periods, for law, for the expedition of lines of direction of urbansticos enterprises, approval of parcelamento projects and construction, accomplishment of you inspect and expedition of verification term and conclusion of workmanships. The paper of the Union ahead of the urban politics is of utmost importance, therefore it promotes for proper initiative and in set with the States, the Federal District and the Cities, programs of construction of housings and the improvement of the habitacionais conditions and of basic sanitation. Valley to emphasize that the conquests of the movements of housing and urban reform in recent years, had occurred through some factors, amongst them the revision of legal landmarks, mainly the advent of the Statute of the City; factors these that had been essential for a way reform to command the urban territories under the optics of justice, democracy and support, where through some instruments inclusive joust and for the cities guarantees an urban order socially thus accomplishing, the right to the adequate housing and the worthy city.

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