Helena Celdrn

Helena Celdrn has a sample celebrates the art inspired by the aesthetic one of the old videojuegos. ‘ SUPER iam8bit’ it reunites works that homenajean to Super Mario, Zelda and Man Mega. The gallery also publishes a book with works exhibited and commentaries of the artists on the aesthetic one of the eight bits. The more aged, the more attractive. In the world of the eight bits there are no chromatic shades, sophisticated movements nor impossible combinations in the bellboys of the control. The videojuegos of the Eighties even attract those who did not play them. The graphs do not need to resemble the reality nor histories must be too complex to captivate the player: they are beautiful in his simplicity. The gallery of Los Angeles (the USA), specialized in the relation between videojuegos and art, inaugurates super – an annual exhibition that celebrates the place of the videojuegos in contemporary culture MGP. By the popularity of the event, iam8bit, that began like a fan group, it has inaugurated the gallery to lodge

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