Who has not felt more than once amazed by a beautiful truck, but once and many have been surprised when he passes a grandiose cart full speed, finally showing off cars are one of the things most welcome that they have given the world, because not only are excellent means of transport, but that they become samples of elegance and good tasteso much so that around trucks will meet a large number of people in the galleries of high-end trucks to observe its great features and be able to enjoy the pleasure of meeting a wonderful car that stands out both in aesthetic aspects and in its performance. In response to the above, can be understood that the cars are of great importance in today’s world, but must be taken into account also the various companies of automobiles that have made possible the emergence of these exceptional creations, that have made long work in history, and thanks to his career have managed to give life to great ideas. As is the case with the Porsche car company, which with a long process in history is currently consolidated as one of the best in the realization of automobiles. Entering more thoroughly about Porsche, it’s a sports car factory, which is typical of Germany, which was born in the year of 1931, thanks to the effort of Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry Porsche. The idea that sought to Ferdinand Porsche, was able to create a beautiful car that offered very good quality and so be able to attain the popularity needed to follow the trajectory in the world of automobiles and achieve leave behind that image that had left other marks of trucks that seemed more versions of toy. For very long time, the company develops various automobiles, but at the end of the second world war, the main founder of the factory Porsche was imprisoned, since various made creations were in the service of the nazis and at the end of this period I stay with very poor health, so Ferry Porsche had to take the reins of the company, giving a new vision with what life would be given to innovative designs that easily achieved popularity and for the years of the 1950s could already see many cars with the Porsche name rolling through the streets. Porsche maintained a very good time with the production of their cars and sales, but in the late 1980s and early 1990s present a crisis on sales, because they reduced nearly in half and great number of designs did not have the impact on the market as expected, so the factory came still point in which I focus all their efforts on a single cart that would represent the revival of the company, thus was given life 911 a cart that among its features are highlighted the agility, good behavior and a young style; from this point and following with the use of these features in their cars, porsche was revived and was advancing slowly until the car’s high-end currently manufactured.

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