Professor Wallace

'This is partly a matter of personal relations – says professor Camp. – The problem of pornography is unique, and if it leads to something else, so it does not fulfill his destiny. " It is understood that the exhibition, therefore, not pornographic. Curators – Professor and Camp Wallace, as well as Joanna Bernstein – preparing the exhibition for five years. It covers an extremely vast amount of material, ranging from ancient Greek and Roman vases and sculpture – including the amazing 'Sleeping Hermaphrodite' of Roman 'Galleria Borghese', made of marble life-size – and ending with the works of artists XV-XVIII centuries, paintings by Turner and Rodin, photos, happenings from Jean-Jacques Levelt called '120 minutes on Divine Marquis' (1966), in which the author using obscene staff expressed their attitude to political licentiousness, which the modern French power to create it in Algeria. A memorable moment – a girl with escape of leeks, which later turns out to be transsexual. Mascots exhibition opens "secret cabinets" of Naples and the British Museum.

They are closed through the exposition exposed material, which was considered too outspoken for public viewing and therefore insulated from the public, in order to spare the nerves and impressionable minds of late XVIII century. Here is made of amber in the male sex organ life-size, as well as tintinnabulum, a Roman bronze pendant bell, part of which is made in the form of a winged phallus. "It's quite remarkable things – said Professor Wallace. – It's mascots. The bottom line is that the penis – this is the only body part that is not moving at the behest of its owner.

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