Sliding Wardrobe

Cabinets with sliding doors really save the living space, which as usual is not enough. Wardrobe closet compartment allows for a relatively small space, can fit a lot of useful things. In Depending on your needs, wardrobes are created for a variety of rooms: for libraries, hallways, bedrooms and nursery. Wardrobe created as a stationary and a built – in a niche or pantry. Creating a cabinet design coupled with sliding doors used by the guides and frames, often made of aluminum, especially for walls and elements of the mirrors.

On the quality of rail systems depends on the duration of life of the cabinet. To select a design sliding doors are practically no barriers. You can use any colors and palettes, to reproductions of these paintings. Mirror instead of doors to increase the visual space of the room. Internal content wardrobe depends exclusively on the needs and imagination of the buyer. Shoe racks, wire baskets, leaving the boxes, fold-up bed and table tops, lift shoulders to the cabinet. When designing and installing cabinet can engage the walls, floor and ceiling of the room as the cabinet frame, which additionally saves both space and money savings on materials. Sliding doors do not require additional space for opening, in contrast to conventional cabinets. The unusual design of doors cabinet compartment with sliding doors create coziness in the home.

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