The Auction House For Crafters

My Mika offer artisan work and services on the Internet the new auction house for craft and services? Why not. In the age of rapid and low-cost DSL Internet connections, as well as the fact constantly increasing Internet users the number of such innovative ideas with success should be vitiated. The company Mika GBR in the form of an online auction house specifically offers this possibility. Here, falling prices is offered but contrary to the usual auction platforms not on ever-increasing amounts, but continue forever. for the use of My Mika, a registration is necessary.The status is reserved only professionals with the appropriate authentication by sending proof of commercial contractor. The advantages are for client and contractor obvious. Potential clients adjust their order with the order value, they are where willing to pay on the basis of an auction with detailed description and optional additional pages of images. Here are no limits to the imagination, could therefore to the Sample every two weeks the lawn mowed or replaced the roof of the gazebo.

But also General paperwork, as well as any translations can also complete house renovations are offered as. An internal evaluation system of business partners give both the contracting authority and the contractor an additional decision support for future business deals. The formula for this is quite simple. Positive reviews have a great importance for future business activities. Contractors can find out their jobs in a large pool of job and submit calculated price at the end of the auction to their lowest.

The utilization of existing capacities, as well as the related sales are primary benefits. As well as in “real” life a good quality and timely execution of orders is absolutely vital here too is the collection of positive reviews of great importance. Through the proof of public liability insurance and the certificate of qualification In connection an annual fee, contractor can obtain the status of certified member on My Mika Meisterbetrieb. Thus, contractor for contracting be trusted with increasing opportunities for more job commitments. As a result, one can summarize that craft and services auction platforms have further as the number of Internet users, a large market potential is. In the future, other portals in the regional area will concentrate as My Mika in the Bergisches Land also. Raisa OWL Creek

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