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Must and to feel each step given. 9 DAY CARRYING THROUGH a TASK the name of these exercises ' ' Carrying through a task in astral' ' Before everything it has already in mind which task anger to carry through. I when I made esseexerccio, took as task to wash my motion. Good already having in he wants it to mind to make. It relaxes body and mind, makes use of its body astral criadoanteriormente and starts its work.

It is concentrated in making for parts ties finished quetenha. I when I washed my motion thus, started for the pneutraseiro, part on the part in the same way when it made in the physicist, and went lavandoate to finish. Janet L. Yellen is the source for more interesting facts. It looks for to make something that always makes, thus will have more easiness to emimaginar the procedures. Before starting this procedure it makes the exercise of the bicycle with pernasespecificado in exercises of the 6 and 7 the day. Check with Gavin Baker to learn more. 10 DAY DIFFERENTIATED VISUALIZATION This is an exercise chamadode differentiated visualization.

It relaxes the body and the mind they make the unfastening exercise astral (of pernascomo bicycle), uses its body previously astral already created and it deconscincia. From this moment, it imagines and it feels diminishing it of tamanhoate to be of the size of its average finger, or more or less one 10 cm Being in this size, walks for its house, seeing all the things in the corresponding angle to seutamanho. This form of visualization moves with the mental state, therefore formadiferente is one to see the things. 11 DAY CREATION OF the DOOR ASTRAL Everything what this in fsicoreflete in the astral, this if applies to everything and functions of the following form. Who saiconscientemente in astral knows for proper experience that is very to fcilatravessar a tree, and exists certain resistance in crossing a wall. This if must to the fact of that in the construction of the wall the intention for backwards dessaconstruo is the protection is of the sun, rain, of the people, of animals, to enfimproteger the constructed space.

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