Tower City

Istambul, the metropolis of the Bosphorus was founded on year 324 by Constantino emperor in Constantinople. It is the unique city of the world that was constructed to horse between two continents, and this mixture and simultaneously union feels to each step that occurs in the city. In Istambul wall of the city will find from a small hotel of only seven rooms located in an old building recovered on the brink of madness anitgua, to the classic and elegant hotel with swimming pool and terrace in the roof. There is a great amount of hotels in Istambul with spectacular views to the Bosphorus, very recommendable for pairs, also is old residences of the vizier turned into hotel, where to pass beautiful a veiled one in the restaurant of the garden and to enjoy the legendary Turkish hospitality. A boat trip by the Bosphorus is indispensable for all the visitors who approach the city, the Islands of the Princes also deserve a visit. Also it can give to a stroll in vehicle to the purest style century XIX, the time will seem to have stopped. In the islands they are not allowed the cars, reason why they are all a source of relaxation in comparison with boisterous Istambul. Also the Tower of Galatea deserves a visit, because from the viewpoint to 62 meters of height located on the Gold Horn it can enjoy views privileged on the city.

Right under the Tower there is a popular restaurant that takes care of very kindly of its companions at table with very rich plates. The Turkish candies also deserve a special mention, because they are one of the strongpoints of the kitchen of the country. In a small island in the entrance of the Bosphorus the Tower of the Maid is, a precious coffee by day and a fashionable restaurant during the night. They tell that the tower was construda to protegeer to the daughter of sultn against the mordeduras of serpent. The Istiklal Caddesi is the denominated European heart of Estramul, will be able here to find numerous bookstores, stores of music, galleries, cinemas and coverall many great avenues by which to take a walk.

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