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Encryption of sensitive data at the highest security level takes the scope of Munich economic spies, May 21, 2008 according to the current Constitution protection report cases of economic espionage has risen in Germany. The focus is particularly on massive computer espionage attacks, as well as Internet-based attacks on systems of commercial enterprises and Government agencies. The IT security specialist SecurStar offers a solution for the effective protection of their sensitive data end users with DriveCrypt. In combination with the central management console DriveCrypt is the ideal security solution for businesses with large networks and it connected mobile devices Plus Pack. Where on the 15 May 2008 constitutional protection report including the objectives and motivations of the espionage countries addressed. So it is, for example: “them highly industrialized States interested in mostly economic and economic strategies, while countries with technological backlog rather to Information about specific products and research results are interested.” Not only companies, but also medium-sized companies are in the focus of foreign intelligence services and foreign companies. Also says the report that due to the quality of the attack techniques can be assumed, that substantial financial resources and human resources be used for espionage services.

DriveCrypt makes impossible a possibility of unauthorized access to sensitive data, to protect themselves from such attacks, offers SecurStar DriveCrypt family Festplattenverschlusselungs solutions. DriveCrypt PlusPack is ideal for companies that want to secure their networks and mobile devices. The solution is characterised by features such as full disk encryption for Windows and pre boot authentication and 256 bit AES encryption at the sector level. AES-256 is from Governments and organizations for the protection of a FIPS validated symmetric encryption algorithm, the data will be used and by the National Institute of standards and technology (NIST) has been found safe. The power-off “protection prevents the starting of your PC by unauthorized parties and other functions make a spying” password impossible. A key feature is the function to hide the entire operating system in the space of another. The feature ensures the centralized password retrieval “challenge response password recovery”.

Also, the solution supports the encryption of external media such as floppy disks and USB flash drives. The centrally-managed software directly from their administration console can be installed on the client machine. It is intuitive to use, absolutely transparent to the user and works automatically. Prior knowledge or training are not required thanks to the quick installation and ease of use, as well as the minimum administration effort. Due to the high security offered by this solution, DriveCrypt became in April as the best product 2008 intellectual property protection”with SC Magazine Award “.

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