Two Boys And A Destination

Lucas and Luiz. Lucas was born of a happy couple. Luiz was born of an single mother. Its father when knowing of its gestation did not assume and disappeared. When Lucas was born, its father made a party to commemorate.

When Luiz was born, its mother did not stop to cry, but, its cries not age of joy, age of agony, of desperation, it cried grasped to the pillow. ' ' – When leaving from there, not wise person what to make to survive she was dismissed, liveing in house of relatives What front would be of them from there pra? ' ' The mother of Lucas very contents, waited anxious the hour where the maternity would leave, it did not fit in itself of as much happiness. The years if had passed, the parents of Lucas if had separated, and it became an rebellious boy, prepared in the school, made impostures and cabou going to live in the streets. The mother of Luiz gave it for another family, it was very damaged, until she did not resist and she ran away. The two boys slept in the same sidewalk, to deceive the hunger, smelled glue, stole in the store and the stock markets of the passer-bys, lived rambling for the squares and avenues, without no perspective for its lives. For it in such a way it made, if it was night or if it was day Certain night, while they slept rolled up in its old blankets, had been surprised by taken outlaws and for a desert place, and there, covardemente they had been assassinated by encapuzados men. These outlaws had been contracted, for traders who suffered constant robberies, and that in a meeting they had decided to order to clean the block.

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